A Word About Electric Toothbrushes

A Word About Electric Toothbrushes
Posted on 10/27/2016

Electric toothbrushes have gained in popularity over the years, as you probably already know. Dr. Richard has continued to see the benefits in her patients who use electric brushes, and has been recommending PHILIPS SONICARE brushes to her patients since the 1990s….and that hasn’t changed! In case you are curious why, here is an excerpt from the well-recognized Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

J Clin Dent. 1997; 8(1 Spec No):4-9.

"A Six-month Clinical Comparison of the Efficacy of the Sonicare and the Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes on Improving Periodontal Health in Adult Periodontitis Patients"

Robinson PJ1, Maddalozzo DBreslin S.

“Overall, this study demonstrates that long-term use of these two electric toothbrushes improves periodontal health in adult periodontitis patients, and that the Sonicare brush is superior to the Braun brush in reducing gingival inflammation and probing depth. Moreover, 6 months' use of Sonicare led to actual improvement in probing attachment levels of periodontal pockets.”


New shipment of SONICARE electric toothbrushes just in!! 

Here are 6 GREAT reasons to from us:

1) We, doctors and staff, use Sonicare brushes for our own dental care, and the majority of our patients do also. We have seen a HUGE improvement in overall oral health in our Sonicare users. And kids love them!

2) Less expensive to purchase them at our office than at Walmart, Costco, SAM’s, Bed Bath & Beyond (Bed Bath & Beyond coupons not valid with Philips Sonicare) 

3) $20 rebate online from Philips Sonicare when purchased at our office

4) An additional $10 discount from us when purchased at our office

5) 2-year warranty with Philips Sonicare when purchased at our office, otherwise the warranty is 1-year

6) Great CHRISTMAS, Birthday, and Wedding gifts!

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying better oral health today!!