“I've been seeing Dr. Richard since I was 9 years old.. I am now 27 and will be bringing my babies to see her in the near future. Dr. Richard is so pleasant and she always greets you by name with a smile on her face. Her staff is nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend Dr Richard. My experiences with her over the past 18 years have been outstanding.”
 Michelle L, patient since 2000

“I've been pleased with dentists in the past, but since I moved to Algiers three years ago and started going to see Dr. Richard, my teeth and gums have literally never been healthier! I've had a crown replaced, some minor abrasion fillings, and several cleanings of course, and I'm never left to languish in the waiting room, appointments are on time and the staff is always helpful and pleasant. My hygienist, Molly, is very nice and professional and makes me feel comfortable in the chair. Thank you all!” Jessica R, patient since 2014

“I have been going to Dr. Richard's since I was 8 years old. I am now 25 and even made the trips back to New Orleans from Baton Rouge during my college years. Dr. Richard is a very compassionate and gentile dentist and has brought together an amazing staff that makes every experience at their office a pleasant one. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else and would recommend her to anyone.” Patrick D, patient since 2001
“Dr. Richard has been my dentist for about 15 years and I wouldn't think of going any place else! I'm never kept waiting. Dr. Richard uses the latest equipment and techniques and is big on continuing education for her entire staff. During today's hygiene appointment, I complained about the loose fit of my eyeglasses and Dr. Richard whipped out her tools and tightened the screws on the hinges of the temples of my glasses. How's that for "one stop" service?!! Her staff is always helpful with insurance issues or ANY questions I have. They are always professional while also warm and friendly. I NEVER dread dental appointments since Dr. Richard has become my dentist.”
Susan B, patient since 2003

“They are so great here!! I have tons of anxiety about going to the dentist and they are understanding and patient with me and help me feel at ease. I've recommended a few friends to come here and I'll continue to do the same!”
Karyn M, patient since 2016

“I have been a patient for 10+ years and have never thought of going anywhere else! With that said Dr. Gizelle Richard is a very compassionate person and very experienced in her field. I have never doubted her recommendations. My children are also patients as well. The office itself is always clean and bright. The staff are always very professional and understanding. I would recommend them to everyone! If you are looking for a welcoming and friendly office, make a appointment with Dr. Gizelle Richard or Dr. Gabrielle Richard today!!!”
 Carrie B, patient since 2001

“Our family has been going to General Dentistry for 9 years and we highly recommend them. They are great with kids and are very professional in every sense. Of course they don't hesitate to have some fun from time to time, and that makes them easy to endorse!” Sean S, patient since 2009

“I've been using Dr. Richard as my personal dentist for well over 6 years now, and I am 100% satisfied with every procedure that she and her staff have performed. Dr. Richard is, as well as her staff, professional, caring, personable, and highly concerned with patient comfort. Her clinic and all treatment areas are immaculate and render a calm and relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family.”
Thomas B, patient since 2005

“Dr. Gizelle Richard has been my dentist for several years now. I have never been to a more caring and gentle dentist. The staff is always welcoming and pleasant and her office is so peaceful and serene, you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. This is exceptional dental care.”
Gail R, patient since 2011

“I had some bad experiences with dentists and orthodontists as a kid. Not only did Dr.Richard have to work on my teeth - she had to work with me to overcome my anxiety.If you have chronic dental pain, you know how it affects every aspect of your life. The dull ache that occasionally gets worse, and then quiets down but never really goes away. That was me. I thought "bad teeth" was just another part of growing up. Gizelle worked with me to fix old problems and correctly diagnosed why I was having trouble in the first place. Over 25 years later - I like my smile. No more anxiety. I'm comfortable in the chair. Dr. Richard is an important part of my healthcare team.
Valerie H, patient since 2000

“I have been coming to this office for several years now and always feel right at home. The staff is wonderful. I came to see Dr. Richard after another dentist told me I needed 2 crowns and I felt I needed a second opinion. After Dr. Richard did a thorough exam and x-rays, low and behold, no crowns were necessary. They always do an excellent job and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.” Kara B, patient since 2000

“Dr. Richard has taken care of 4 generations of our family. We love the care and attention to our needs, routine or emergency. The staff we have known for years and who know and remember us. Can't say that about too many businesses these days. Thanks for the years of great service.” Kathy J, patient since 2000

“Amazing staff and beautiful office! Even if you don't like going to the dentist, they will make you feel at ease with their gentle touch. By far the best dentist on the Westbank.” Kimberly A, patient since 2014

“I always hated going to the dentist as a child. If only Dr. Richard had been around then. I can honestly say that I enjoy my visits for dental hygiene. The staff are friendly and efficient making visits a cheerful experience.The building itself was designed by Dr. Richard to provide a comfortable healthy environment. Dr. Richard demands perfection in her work and it shows in your smile. I have had everything from whitening to saving two front teeth which I nearly knocked out. Consider me a very satisfied patient.” Shirley S, patient since 2014

“Many years ago, my daughter broke a tooth at school, and the office staff recommended Dr. Richard. I had not been to a dentist in 25 years, so I went with the advice of the school office staff, and Dr. Richard managed to see my daughter immediately. When I saw the care Dr. Richard and her assistants gave to my little girl, I became a fan. And after all those years of being scared to death of dentists, I decided to become a patient myself. Dr. Richard respected my fear (more like phobia), and I began to see her regularly. She turned my snaggletooth smile into one that I am no longer ashamed of. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” Anna H, patient since 2003

“Going to the Dentist has never been better!! As a future medical physician, I can say that both Gizelle Richard, DDS and Gabrielle Richard, DDS are high-class, skilled, and extremely personable dentists! They truly care about providing exceptional care to their patients while upholding the utmost professionalism in their field. I was a roommate of Gabrielle's and now her dental patient so I can personally attest to her hard work, diligence, and dedication to quality care. Gabrielle received many awards during her time at LSU dental school, yet she remains very humble, approachable, and easy to connect with. I feel comfortable asking her any question about my dental care and know she will provide a very thoughtful answer and excellent advice with a young professional's perspective!

If you're concerned about dental insurance, they offer world-class oral health care on their own terms and don't let insurance companies dictate a treatment plan. There is no discrimination based on insurance!! I recommend Gabrielle and Gizelle with no reservations and give them a well earned five-star rating!!”Lindsey B, patient since 2016

“I have been using this dental office for the last 4 years and I can't rave enough about the office, the staff and the doctor. The service is great. The environment is calming and extremely pleasant. The modern and state of the art equipment and treatment has been a pleasure. If you are looking for a dentist it is worth the drive from anywhere in the city!”
Candace H, patient since 2012


"Dr. Richard and her staff are excellent in providing dental care and hygiene to me and my family forever 30+years. She was recommended by a friend when we moved to the west bank. Her professionalism, dedication and hard work in knowing her craft is awesome. She is not concerned about finances but wants to reassure her clients that her #1 priority is excellent patient care and accountability. I would highly recommend her with confidence. I have learned how to take care of my teeth and maintain them." - Joel M, patient since 1986

"The Doctors Richard are the best dentists that I have ever used. Now that Gabrielle has joined the practice, the range of practice and depth of expertise are extraordinary. I live out of state, but come back to them for "state of the art" dentistry and their personal attention. They know you and care about your health. And the staff, now joined by Del, make sure that all appointment details are done efficiently and thoroughly. I congratulate Gizelle for building and maintaining a rare practice."                                          Ron A, patient since 2010

"I've been a patient with Gizelle for 20 years. Clinically (I can vouch from experience) she's exceptional. More: She and her staff are personable, warm and efficient. No drama. If you decide to try her practice, that's one thing you'll be able to permanently strike off your life list of important things you need to have: good doctor, good mechanic, good plumber, good spouse, etc (She's not available as a spouse, but you get my drift.)"
Bruce N, patient since 1997

"Many Years ago, our relationship started because my husband had an emergency, having never been to Dr. Richard before, she was able to accommodate him immediately and we have been more than patients ever since, I would describe us more as "fans" of her and her entire staff. The office is so very pleasant. We highly recommend Dr. Richard." Lori S, patient since 2008

"I have been a patient of Gizelle's for over twenty years. As a physician (with sensitive teeth), I'm very selective about my dental service providers. During that time, she has provided me with excellent, appropriate and consistent care. Her recommendation for braces (in my late 40s), greatly improved my smile, but is the main reason I have all of my teeth (in my 60s). Her office is pleasant and her staff, a pleasure to work with. I value their services so much, I go three times a year." -
Ron C, patient since 1996

"Professional and welcoming, Dr. Richard is the consummate perfectionist and her staff is exceptionally well trained, responsive, and warm. I travel from Gulfport, MS to see Dr. Richard, and I know others who come from greater distances. I had extensive dental treatments spanning many months, and I wouldn't let my loved ones go anywhere else. If you want the best, you've found it."- George L, patient since 2011

"Outstanding and thorough! I visited from out of town and encountered a tooth issue. They were amazing in detail and the examination discovered my problem. I give them the highest recommendation." - Kathy P, patient since 2017

"I've been with Dr. Richard for about 12 years or so. She is one of, if not, THE best dentists out there! I've enjoyed the service and staff so much that I referred plenty of family and relatives to her practice. She's highly professional and a perfectionist at her work!"- Sajedeh S, patient since 2002

"Over the top professionalism. Always on time. Caring staff that takes a legitimate interest in you and your life not just your teeth. Have come here for 20 years and will come for 20 more!" David T, patient since 1996

"We have been going to Dr. Gizelle Richard for almost 20 years. Everything is ALWAYS spotless in the office, the staff is always friendly and helpful, and Dr. Richard always does her best (as close to perfect work as possible). My crowns always have always been an excellent color "match." The splint she made to prevent grinding has relieved the jaw pain I was having.
Mary Ann G, patient since 1997

When we lived overseas, we would come back to see Dr. Richard and have our teeth cleaned once or twice a year. Our children tried dentists in other cities, but now come in from out of town to have work done by a dentist that they trust.She was recently joined by her lovely daughter so I expect the tradition to continue on." Mary M, patient since 2001

"Dr. Richard is outstanding. Her staff - from the front desk to the hygienists - are just outstanding and remember all our family members, are great with billing and appointment reminders, and basically we have never had 1 problem. Dr. Richard is very knowledgeable and realistic about what should be done to maximize our oral health. And a really nice person on top of it. I would recommend her to anyone." Michelle E, patient since 2013

"I have been going to Dr.Richard for over 10 years. The staff is always welcoming and friendly. Dr. Richard cares for her patients and thoroughly explains treatment plans. When I was younger, I had broken my front tooth and she was able to repair my front tooth, still looking great today! The hygienist is gentle, efficient, and friendly during my cleaning, and she always seems to have a great conversation with me!" - Rachel D, patient since 2004

"Excellent staff that does great work! Drs.Gizelle and now Gabrielle are thorough and compassionate first-rate dentists. Molly and the other members of the team round out a pleasant experience - even if it is going to see the dentist! ;-) Your teeth and you always leave in better shape than when you get there." - Pat J, patient since 2000

"Always a pleasure! I've had the same DDS since 1997, I've never dreaded a visit. How many people can say that about their Dentist?"- Michelle B, patient since 1997

"I have been a patient for almost 20 years. Now, my husband and children are patients too. Dr. Richard and her staff know how to make a potentially nerve-wracking experience a pleasant one. I highly recommend Dr. Richard!" Traci M, patient since 1997

"She is the best dentist in the city. Her hands are magic, I actually fell asleep while she was working on my teeth (unbelievable). The office is absolutely beautiful and her staff is awesome." - Fawn U, patient since 2011

"I highly recommend Dr. Richard! I have been going to her for years, and I can't imagine going to anyone else."- Megan L, patient since 2000

"Love my Dr. Gizelle Richard and would like to say it was an absolute pleasure meeting her new addition to staff, Dr. Gabrielle Richard. Thanks to Molly for a great hygiene visit. Office staff are always welcoming and super friendly. Love, Love, Love my dentist." Kathy L, patient since 1998

"I highly recommend Dr. Richard and her staff! The service there is excellent. I appreciate that they are all so professional and caring. I have never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room because they are always on time with their appointments. The staff makes you feel comfortable and always tells you what they are about to do and what you may hear/feel before they do it. I had to have a procedure done to fill in a groove on my front tooth that required them to cut away a little bit of the gum line. I was really nervous that this was going to be very noticeable visually, but everyone was very reassuring that it would look completely natural. And of course, they were right!" Manda O, patient since 2014

"My experience with Dr. Richard was beyond wonderful. Years back, I chipped one of my front teeth. My biggest concern was finding a dentist that I could trust and one that performed high-quality work. Dr. Richard was the first person that came to mind. She and her staff were accommodating and did whatever it took to get me an appointment. The outcome was phenomenal. I couldn't believe how my smile looked exactly like it did before the incident. This type of dedication to patients and their well-being is what makes Dr. Richard stand out. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience and highly recommend Dr. Richard!" Tayler P, patient since 2011

"Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Richard I hated going to the dentist. It was always something I dreaded. This changed when I became a patient here. The service is excellent. Her staff is so warm and personable. They truly care about each patient and their well being. They've taught me so many important ways to keep my teeth healthy, and I feel I take care of my teeth better from the knowledge I've gained from her and her staff. They are also very timely and accommodating too. I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room which is so important when having a busy schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Richard. She's amazing!!" Brittany O, patient since 2007

"Gizelle is one of two dentists that have ever been this proficient, caring and perfect over my 5 decades living in over 14 states and 4 countries. Gizelle takes care of your teeth like they were her own. Keeping them maintained with orthodontist and teeth specialist if needed for both of our kids, my husband and myself. Gentle with extreme breaks or fillings and wonderful at diagnosing grinding issues. Every visit has been a pleasure for over 16 years!" Kimbel B, patient since 2002

"Dr. Gizelle Richard and her staff have provided wonderful dental care to me for many years. I feel relaxed at her office and know that everything will be handled professionally and efficiently. Thanks for your service. Sincerely'
Paulette P, patient since 2007

"I have been seeing Dr Richard since shortly after she graduated from dental school. I am still there because she takes a personal interest in my teeth and gums, is the most gentle dentist I've ever known, is always on time and is available on the rare occasion when I or a family member has had an emergency. The office is spotless and the all of the staff are super friendly. I recommend Dr. Richard all the time." Jonathan L, patient since 1987

"I was one of Dr. Richard's 1st patients and have been going there every 6 months since. Excellent care, and a staff that is first class.' Chris F, patient since 2001

"Dr. Richard and staff have provided dental services to our entire family for more than ten years. They have consistently provided high-quality dental care. The entire staff is professional and friendly." Deidre C, patient since 2007

"My routine dental work and problems gathering until my retirement a few months ago were taken care of by a courteous staff when I moved to New Orleans, and I am very pleased with my treatment at Dr. Richard's office." Roy R, patient since April 2016

"As a Pre-Dental student, I have shadowed many dentists in the New Orleans area in order to meet dental school application requirements. Dr. Richard and her daughter Dr. Gabrielle are truly the perfect team and better than any other dentists I have worked with! They are not only kind but also always on the same page, extremely professional, and take pride in their final product -- your smile! After witnessing their work on crowns, implants, and fillings, it is clear that they want their work to be perfect for each and every patient. At each checkup, they look for ways to prevent dental problems which will save you money, time, and stress in the future. As a patient and Pre-Dental student, I would highly recommend having the Richards and their friendly staff as your permanent dental office." Julia D, patient since 2001

"Dr. Richard: I just wanted to say that I've been to numerous dentists in my time and you are by far the most awesome dentist that I have ever been to! Not only are you a great dentist, you are a very kind and caring person. Oh I forgot, you are also one of the sweetest persons I have ever met! 10 out of 5!" Ron W, patient since 2006

"Dr. Richard has been my family's dentist for over 25 years. Our beautiful smiles are a testament to her care and dedication. She is the best!" Kris D, patient since 1991

"Dr. Richard and the staff are great healthcare professionals and very caring people. Thanks for helping me maintain a healthy and beautiful smile." Ann M, patient since 2014

"I am a patient of Dr.Richard and have been for 15 years. She and the staff are absolutely wonderful!! She makes going to the dentist a real pleasure. I would recommend Dr. Richard for all your dental needs'. – Holly B, patient since 2000

"I have been contemplating my implant procedure for some time. Dr. Richard and her staff helped me make my decision, and from that time on were most helpful and caring. Dr. Richard and her Staff are very thorough and professional. "I am looking forward to my new life with my new smile" - Carolyn R, patient since 2000

"I have seen Dr. Richard for over ten years. Dr. Richard and her Staff are excellent and I would recommend them to any of my friends looking for a great dentist!" Spencer C, patient since 2001

"Just a little note to say "Thanks" for doing an awesome job on my teeth. I am truly grateful that God sent me your way.' - Fr. John, patient since 2013

"Excellent service, Friendly staff and helpful" - Carolyn G, patient since 2001

"Excellent service. Friendly staff and helpful. Dr. Richard was very thorough with her explanations of my treatment and explained to me the various procedures that she was going to do. I am very pleased with my results. Highly recommend Dr. Richard and her staff" – Suzanne S, patient since 2015

"Through the recommendation of my oral surgeon, I came to G.P. Richard D.D.S. dental business. Dr. Richard proved to be patient, calming, and explained all procedures to my understanding. The hygienist and supporting staff are friendly and very efficient. Thank you so much for the wonderful professional dental care". - Joann J, patient since 2006

"We have been coming to Dr. Richard for almost 20 years. We all keep coming back because we know that whatever Dr. Richard does will be as close to perfect as Dr. Richard can do. I have a splint that I wear every night that has alleviated jaw pain." Mary Ann M, patient since 2001

"The level of care is excellent. Dr. Richard takes her time at each visit to make sure you are happy. She has fitted me for dentures twice in the years I have been coming to her, and each set has improved my appliance so much. She is so precise in her measurements and will not stop until you are fully satisfied. Her staff are kind and helpful. Any problems I have had were taken care of promptly." Mary R, patient since 2004

"I have been to the same dentist for 25 years in Lafayette. Since moving to New Orleans, I knew I needed to establish a local dentist I could trust. Dr. Gabrielle Richard and staff definitely met my expectations. They were kind, professional, and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Gabrielle. I can't wait to go back in 6 months!" -Anna Cherie D, patient since 2016

"Upon my first visit with Dr. Richard I was very impressed by her genuine concern for my general health and thoroughness. I felt like the only patient in the office and did not once feel rushed. She gave excellent feedback on my dental health along with a treatment plan. Her staff is warm and attentive and very professional."- Sarah D, patient since 2016

"My children and I have been patients of Dr. Richard's for over 10 years. She and her staff are the epitome of professionalism. I especially appreciate that you are consistently seen at your designated appointment time. The office is bright and cheery, just like the staff. - Rhea W, patient since 2005